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Our top 5 tips for your new kitchen

Updated: Jul 25, 2023

Need inspiration for your bespoke kitchen?

Perhaps you're planning a new kitchen, but not just yet? It isn’t just about the aesthetics; it is also about the functionality. It might be where the Sunday Roast is carved, or the kid’s homework is done or where birthday cakes are created, and there are lots of practical points to consider.

Here are our top 5 tips for your new kitchen

1. What do you use your kitchen for?

Is it an entertaining space, or the heart of the family home? Either way, do you want to be interactive with your guests (and a glass of wine or 2) and family? Consider having your cooking area facing out rather than against a wall. Have you got space for a table, or would a breakfast bar work, or an island bring the whole space together if you have an open plan kitchen diner. Remember the ‘work’ triangle rule for easy cooking and preparing, so position of your fridge, stove and sink.

2. What style and finish do you want?

If you have got pets or young children you will need to consider durability, and ease of cleaning. Do you want to blend with the character of your house, or make a bold statement?

3. How much space do you have?

Do you need a lot of storage? I always ask what style of cooking a customer does and what equipment do they need to hand. This is a good start when planning your storage. If you bake, you will need space for your food processor and if you use a lot of utensils then a management system in a drawer could make life easier. Consider would a larder cupboard be a dream come true and do you like everything out of sight? A dishwasher against a wall restricts access on how you load and unload it, so should be near your sink (save dripping dirty dishes across your floor) and ideally in the middle of a run of cabinets. Consider point 1 as well when you develop a storage plan, what do you use your kitchen for?

4. Plan your sockets!

Work out how many you might need and where, so think about where you freestanding appliances are likely to live. Do you want them to be in cupboards, if so ensure your design allows for this? Add in phone charging ports for you and your guests to use.

5. Lighting – think about when and where you work in your kitchen.

Zoning lighting is key in your new kitchen, from work area lighting to mood lighting for entertaining. There are so many different options, such as inside feature cabinet, under cabinet or kickboard lighting. Ask your kitchen designer to help you decide, based on how you use your kitchen.

Designing a kitchen is a bit like a jigsaw, every element has its place. Remember this is your space for you to have created and made to your exact requirements, to enjoy for years to come.

People sometimes ask me what is the most important part of my business, and without question it is to what the customer wants.

If you're keen to discuss your dream kitchen plans, please call 07949 349362 or ​Email us on

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